Monday, November 7, 2011

Breaking Euro news

Reuters- Euro stocks tumbled in early trading today when French president Nicolas Sarkozy blew his nose twice during a meeting of the G20.

"We've seen him blow his nose before," stated one analyst, "But twice- that's the kind of thing that can really move a market."

The G20, a group of so-called world leaders whose actions have little to do with any actual fiscal policy, are in the spotlight this week as they meet to eat high priced meals, stay in even higher priced hotels, and use the services of even higher priced call-girls.

Earlier in the day, the Euro moved higher against the Swiss Franc when it was reported that German Chancellor Angela Merkel's limo driver might take sugar in his coffee, when he usually does not.

The common currency erased those gains when it was reported he asked for tea.

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