Friday, November 4, 2011

Well that answers that question!

Guess there's no such thing as easy money. Just a few hours after Papandreou calls for a referendum on Euro austerity measures, he does an about face. No referendum after all.

This is the story of the EU. Issues simply too important to leave to the common man. Ireland voted wrong on EU membership, but they got the chance to keep voting, until they got it right. Greece's people almost had the chance to steer their own ship, but "cooler heads prevailed" and that important decision was taken out of their hands. Who the fuck cares what the people think?

Many times it has been said that for the its client states, EU membership means the total destruction of their financial sovereignty. Does anyone need more proof than Greece? Heads of state "reacted in horror" to the thought that it might be the Greek people who determine the fate of Greece.

Thankfully, the future of Greece was taken away from the people, and is back in the hands of Merkel and Sarkozy. Right where it belongs.

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  1. I know you commented on credit being a tool. When I said I will have it this weekend. That meant I can pay for it out of my pocket without the debt. I want to avoid debt as much as I can. I use credit wisely. I was talking about how the federal reserve used the credit system causing a culture of easy money. This caused people to abuse credit. if used wisely it is good. my gut was saying not to use credit and just use the money i have that is discretionary income since i can afford it