Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Occupy Wall Street evicted

Early this morning, Mayor Bloomberg directed his police force to clear the park. Occupy Wall Street has ended.

I wish I could say they had a good run, but they didn't. OWS was never successful, nor was it ever about success. It was about nebulous "protest". It was about this, and that, and something else, and this other thing, but not this thing (maybe).

Occupy Wall Street was about wanting change. But not badly enough to actually work for that change.

They didn't want it so bad that they occupied actual Wall Street. Because that would entail physical risk, and it might actually do some good. No, they occupied a nearby park. Making sure in doing so they didn't disrupt anything. Which, unsurprisingly, didn't disrupt anything.

For all their talk of them being the powerful 99%, Bloomberg showed real power, by with a simple order dispersed Occupy Wall Street. Easily.

And they didn't even fight back. They did nothing but allow themselves to be arrested. They didn't even use passive resistance. They didn't even sit down and refuse to move. Why not bring your own handcuffs next time?

But of course, their won't be a next time. Even if the protesters go back to their now destroyed camps, even if they rebuild, they've shown that they are no threat. They can be evicted easily, any time the local mayor chooses. They won't argue, they won't resist, and they certainly won't fight back.

Occupy Wall Street ended today, not with a bang, but a whimper. But did it ever do anything but whimper?

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