Saturday, November 5, 2011

Cowardice and the lack of direct action

There's really only one reason that America isn't seeing the "bomb throwing" protests like we see in so many other countries. Americans are cowards.

It takes no guts at all, zero, to march with a group of thousands. It takes no balls to run away when the police fire tear gas at you. It is the way of the coward to not fight back as they beat you.

It takes more courage to fight back. To close ranks against the odds. To punch back when getting punched. To not be a passive victim. It takes more courage than most Americans have.

An that is why the Occupy movements will fail. Because the police will beat the protesters all day. They'll do it all day, every day, if needed. Being in riot squads, putting on that intimidating armor, forming ranks, weapons at the ready. The police love to do this stuff! Why do you think they decided to become a cop? To write speeding tickets? No, they joined the force to have a chance to do exactly what they are doing to the Occupy crowd. Bust heads and look intimidating.

Picture their attitudes in the locker room. They put on the riot gear. High-fives.Testosterone rising. "Yeah, we're gonna kick some ass!!"

And then they do. They kick ass. They get to live their fantasy of being a tough guy. They get to be the state sanctioned bully. And since they Occupiers won't fight back, they get to keep being the bully.

But being a bully is no fun if the victim fights back. Thankfully for them, fighting back is the last thing that will happen at an Occupy protest. The protesters will keep getting beaten, the cops will continue to do the beating, and nothing will change. Welcome to the United States of Cowardice.

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