Saturday, November 12, 2011

History is on our side

Good for Occupy Wall Street. They're doing it right. This is how protest works.

Think on the American Revolution. Our Founding Fathers knew violence is never the answer. Thats why they gathered together in an out of the way location (making sure they gathered quietly, so it wouldn't bother anyone), made a list of changes they would like the Crown to implement, then waited patiently for the king to be so impressed by their consensus making abilities that he eventually gave them everything they wanted.

And not just the American Revolution. It worked during WWII as well. When the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, our response was to send them a lengthy list of demands requests, which due to our phenomenal organizational skills they granted immediately.

Remember how we beat Hitler? He never would have been defeated by bombs. So we created a drum circle. The largest drum circle the world had ever seen at the time. And it worked. Remember that famous speech of his, when he politely resigned from office? Stirring words.

This is the way we get things done. By refusing the bother the system- even a little. By quietly accepting whatever punishment they dish out. By demanding change while doing nothing to bring that change about.

Keep it up Occupy Wall Street. History is on your side.

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