Thursday, November 10, 2011

Occupy Wall Street has already lost

They've lost. And the only thing that will allow them to win is the one thing they will never do- fight back.

Occupy Wall Street is a mess, a mish-mash of half-formed ideas, no solution in sight. But there is one thing almost all of them agree on. Don't fight back. Don't make waves.

When confronting the powers that be, just do what they want, and maybe they won't hurt you too much.

It is 100% pure cowardice. But worse, it's ineffective. When a policeman tells an OWS protester to do something, and they do, who is being hurt by their protest?

Here in Austin, the police tell the Occupy Austin crowd that they must not block the sidewalks. So they don't.  They folded. Quickly.

The powers that be are in no way bothered by Occupy Wall Street. How could they be? The protesters are doing everything asked of them. Politely. Yes Sir, Officer Sir. No drums past 10 PM? Certainly Sir.

When you play by their rules, you aren't protesting. When you let them set the ground rules- let them determine what is allowed and what is not- you can't win. And when you fear your enemy more than they fear you, you've already lost.

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